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"I am quite impressed with the
info and resources provided
on your website. I shared
this with friends and family
here in the US to encourage
them to get off their butts
and see the world, sans excuses!!"
Greg (email rec'd Dec. 2009)

Travel Droppings was created in 2009 with the intention of helping would be travelers to find work and realize the opportunities to work and travel abroad.

Our target audience is people age 19-35 who want to travel abroad. Most visitors come from the USA but more are coming from the UK and Australia each month. They are younger in age and ready to go out and see the world, and this is where Travel Droppings enters into their online experience.

Visitors come looking for information about the places to which they are about to be travel as well as how to fund their travels abroad, usually by working. As for popularity, the section on working abroad is the most popular, as we receive the most feedback and hits from those pages.

Many of the visitors we reach are recent University graduates and working professionals in their 20's and 30's who want a professional experience abroad. We know this because each day we receive emails from people asking for information on resume's, contacts or to send their thanks. They are all in the process of starting their world travels and we proudly offer whatever help we can.

The Travel Droppings writers are continually growing the site as the opportunities for young adults to work and travel abroad continue to grow. Contact the Travel Droppings Team to be a part of the action.

Advertising Rates

Below you will find a few examples of our most popular advertising options. Rates are listed on a monthly or yearly basis. Payments are made via PayPal, unless special circumstances prevent it. Prices listed are in USD. Custom and package advertising deals are available. For custom advertising options Contact the Travel Droppings Team

Ad Unit & Location Monthly Yearly Available Spots
468 x 60 Sponsor the site with a site wide header advert $150 each $1500 each 2 (Rotating)
250 x 250 Image, Page specific location $50 $500 1 Per Page
160 x 300 Skyscraper, Site wide left column $150 $1500 1 Available
125 x 125 Image, Site wide left column $125 $1000 2 Spots left
125 x 125 Image, Sponsor Column on a specific page $30 $300 2 per page
Text Link, Site wide, Location varies $100 $1000 Yes
Text Link, Specific page, location of your choosing $10 $100 Yes

As new opportunities to work and travel present themselves each day, we also are looking for our own opportunities to work with other companies who share the same goals: To Work, Travel and Explore.

Contact the Travel Droppings Team Let's work together.

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